Friday, December 10, 2010

On The Today Show!

If you haven't already finished your christmas shopping you might want to check out The Today Show today or

Scoring the Best Digital Deals:
Make a detailed shopping list
Comparison shop
shop early/check in again
Don't pay for shipping
gift cards: Don't pay full price

The last day you can order online to guarantee it by Christmas is December 17th and a lot of stores will be doing free shipping.
You can check out the stores on and you can sign up for an email alert.

A number of websites are buying gift cards from consumers and reselling them for a discount and verifying there authenticity. They run out very quickly! Make a wish list and they will send you an email when the gift cards you are looking for come in. Make sure you set this up to a regular email account not a work email account!

If you want to know when the big sales are check out to see if you can find the item cheaper.

Look for coupons, use a coupon aggravator might have coupons for the store or item you are looking for.

Thought it was was a pretty good segment on The Today Show and wanted to share it. Hope that this helps anyone that hasn't finished their Christmas shopping this year or you can save this email and use some of these sites next year.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. Goodluck!