Sunday, December 20, 2009

Flagstaff, AZ




The View

Daren and Madison going down the first hill.

Our Family and the Waldon Family

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009


Trestin and Madison gettin down....

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Good News.....

Trestin saw a Cardiologist Saturday morning and they did another EKG and an ultra sound of his heart. No problems. He does have Acrocyanosis which means 'blue arms' but it has nothing to do with his heart. The Cardiologist said he thinks that Trestin might have food allergies or asthma. I will be calling his Pediatrician on Monday to schedule an appointment.
Keep you updated!

Another fun day in the grass!!

Trestins first 4 wheeler ride with sister.
Then he got to ride by himself.

Madison jumped on the chance to ride with Brother.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Super cute!

He started this earlier today and has been doing it non stop. Now everytime I call his name he turns to look at me, smiles, and then starts doing it.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Where's my candy?

Better hold onto your candy because there is a lil thief in town and he isn't scared!!!! Caught him in the act last night!

Happy Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday Daddy!
We love you and hope you had a wonderfuil birthday!

Happy Birthday Emily!!

We had a wonderful time trick or treating with you.

Trick or Treat!!

Happy Halloween!!!

Blow up the photo to look to see Madison's reaction!

Emily, Madison, Trestin (under Daren's head piece) and Daren

Daren and Trestin

Miss Madison going trick or treating

Daren and Kyle (Very Scary!)

Trestin and I trick or treating

Trestin wasn't as afraid as Madison

Madison trick or treating with Sam

Daren still trying to scare Trestin

He loves lolly pops

Madison and Trestin by the end of the night!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Update on Trestin.....

We did take Trestin to Phoenix Children's Hospital Thursday to have him checked out again because his arms were still turning purple and staying that way for about an hour or so. They took an EKG, X-rays, and monitored him for a few hours. They said everything sounded great but the PA (not a dr) said from what we have told her that has happened to him the past few days she thinks he has ACROCYANOSIS. Not taking into account that the past month he has had 3 staph infections. We and others believe that she is wrong. On Friday we did make an appointment with his pediatrician and had him look at Trestin. He believes that we should see a Pediatric Cardiologist. So Monday I am going to call and make an appointment. I will keep everyone updated. Thank you for all your prayers and concerns.

Spooktacular Event

Spooktacular Event hosted by the Town of Buckeye.

Madison and Emily

Madison, Trestin, and Emily

Making Cookies

Our Family and the Waldon Family got together to make some Halloween cookies. We had a blast!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


The Story:

So Yesterday after the kids and I got home from Andrew's party Daren and I made them lunch and then put them down for a nap around 2ish. Around 6pm we all woke up from our nap and I had forgot to take something out for dinner so we decided to just run up the road to Taco Bell with the kids and come back home and eat. When we walked in the door of the house I stripped Trestin down to his diaper and put him in his high chair like I always do and I noticed his lips were purple. It looked like he had been wearing dark almost black lipstick on his lips. The edges of his lips were a lot darker. I mentioned to Daren but didn't pay too much attention because I have seen it before. While he was eating he started to choke I ran over there and then he just looked up at me and smiled so I figured he was fine. Well after he was done eating Daren pulled him out of the high chair and put him in a warm bath to clean him off. He noticed when he was in the tub that Trestin's arms were starting to turn purple and at this time it was just from his hands up to almost his elbows but not quite there. He felt them and they felt warm to the touch. So he just kept cleaning him and when he got him out and put him on the couch to put a diaper on him he noticed the purplish color was now up to his elbows. He again felt Trestins hands and arms, it was just the finger tips that were cold but when he pressed on the purplish skin it would turn white for a bit then go back to purple. He called me downstairs and asked me to take a look. Right away we called his parents and they said something must be wrong take him to the ER. At this time Trestin gets off the couch and starts playing but we do notice he starts coughing just a little cough but not too loud. So while Daren is talking to his parents I am calling Amy to see if she would watch Madison. I tell her whats going on and next thing I know she is at my door. I pull off Trestin shirt to show her and the purplish color has moved past the elbow now. She tells Daren to just call 911 and explain whats going on and they will tell you if they recommend an ambulance or not. So he does and they are on there way. He comes back in the house by the time the EMT's have walked in the door the purplish color is almost all the way to his shoulder. The check him out and everything sounds fine, they don't think that he is having an allergic reaction to anything but they still recommend that they take him to a hospital and have him checked out. So we load him up and off Daren goes with Trestin in the Ambulance.
So I finally arrive to the hospital we sit down talk to the nurse and the doctors. They order chest x-rays. Poor lil Trestin had to sit like this! (Sorry it's so blurry I only had my cell and I don't have a flash on it.)

Come to find out they found something on the x-ray but because he doesn't have a temp. they didn't feel that it was fatal and that he could be released but they highly recommended us to see a cardiologist.
The doctor thinks that he either has Reactive Airway Disease or Viral Pneumonia. She recommends that we call our Pediatrician and get a Cardiology exam done on him as soon as possible.

Andrews Halloween Birthday Party!

Every wednesday a group of us mommys and kids meet up either at a park or someones house and have a play date. This Wednesday was Andrew's birthday so we had a lil party for him.

The Decor!

Making "Spiders" out of cookies and candy

The Guest

The Birthday Boy, Andrew!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Madison and Trestin

The kids are getting anxious about Halloween.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Trestins 1st Hair Cut

He is our little CHAMP.

Actually Enjoying Some Exersice

Us and lilly are out running around in the Green Belt next to the house, after coming home from the store.

2nd Annual Heritage Day in Buckeye

The family went out for a day of fun at the Heritage Day festival in the Town of Buckeye. We had lots of fun and took a lot of pics. The kids enjoyed petting the animals (well Madison did Trestin wasn't a fan of farm animals). They both LOVE snow cones! Emily and I are just enjoying the fun day out.